Welcome to the home base for my main projects!

SJL Solutions is a small corporation (in both the legal and “natural” senses of for sale the word). Though I began it with the aim of building in a particular direction (to make available my work as a writer on the subject of classical music), I have gradually expanded my interests and activities, with one thing leading naturally to another. Some of these will be developed online almost immediately; others will take a bit of time to come to fruition.

This website will introduce you to the main divisions.  Classical music led to interaction with other arts. Those moved easily to an interest in education, starting with the very youngest and continuing for a lifetime.

The idea of a lifetime suggested an investigation of the role music (in particular, but the other arts as well) in contributing to the health and well-being of anyone who gets involved and stays involved.

And that interest in health moved beyond the mental and psychological benefits derived from the arts to a greater interest in physical health and the role of diet and fitness in improving the quality of life.

A long and healthy life with strong mental and  psychological balance brings up the question of how to make a living while growing, developing, learning, playing, and celebrating life’s pleasures. There are, of course, thousands of different answers to that question, but I decided to pursue the use of technology, and especially the internet, to offer guidance in these matters.

So all in all, SJL Solutions, Inc., will be developing websites, information, training, guidance, and, I hope, enjoyment, too, in the various corners of this corporation, which is essentially a one-man operation reflecting the passions and interests of SJL, the founder and president.

If you choose to come along for the ride (and perhaps to pursue your own personal trail, too), you are most welcome! Who knows what can be accomplished when people of like mind aim in the same direction!

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